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August Newsletter - RISE Retreat

We would first like to say THANK YOU to everyone who donated to help make the first RISE retreat happen.

Our girls and staff will be traveling to Northwest OK the last weekend in August to attend a two night retreat. RISE’s current residents are very excited, and a few previous RISE graduates have been invited and are excited to attend as well.

The focus of the weekend will be growth as a team and relaxation. Team building activities for both the residents and staff are planned. There will be plenty of fun to be had all around as well! Including: a movie night, late night outdoor games, swimming and a campfire (with s’mores of course!).

The retreat is being put on by Pursued, an organization for women that hosts retreats. It is the hope that the RISE Retreat can become an annual event, looked forward to by both residents and staff.

RISE residents and staff spend much of their day to day doing activities to grow together as a team, but it is the hope that the growth and bonds can be strengthened and deepened in a new setting. As well as a chance for the residents to get to experience some of those summer camp-like activities and memories. Most of the girls who come to RISE have never had the opportunity to attend any kind of summer camp. We are very excited to be able to offer this experience to them!

Look forward to our September Newsletter for an update on how the retreat went!

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