RISE (Restoring Identities after Sexual Exploitation) is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) corporation,
registered with the state of Oklahoma as a public charity and permanently tax exempt
shelter for abused children. It is a home providing a safe living environment to youth girls
under age 18 who are victims of sex trafficking and/or commercial sexual exploitation.


  •  Licensed with the Oklahoma Department of Human Services (DHS)

  •  Contracted with the Oklahoma Office of Juvenile Affairs

  •  Registered as a resource with the National Human Trafficking Hotline

  •  Cooperative relationships with the Oklahoma Attorney General’s (AG) office, the District Attorney’s (DA) offices, the courts, local service providers and volunteers

  •  RISE provides services to victims from surrounding states and currently has residents from Oklahoma, Arkansas and Texas


RISE provides a long-term residence where girls receive comprehensive and individualized
services and mentoring/advocacy to permanently escape the world of the sex trade and
become strong, independent, responsible adults.


RISE provides comprehensive and individualized trauma-informed, client-centered
services or access to these services in order to restore victims to thriving survivors.

  •  Shelter

  •  Medical, Dental & Vision Care

  •  Counseling & Substance Use/Abuse Treatment

  •  Education

  •  Life Skills & Job Skills Training

  •  Therapeutic Activities

  •  Fitness

  •  Responsibility Development

  •  Mentoring/Advocacy

  •  Spirituality Services (As Requested)

300,000 U. S. children are at risk of being trafficked yearly; 3-7 years is the average life span of these children

Our Mission

The mission of RISE shelter is based on the following principles:

  •  RISE provides and encourages pro-social relationships and strong interpersonal skills to instill a sense of hope for the future utilizing trauma-informed, victim-centered care that includes each resident from day one in their goal setting, treatment planning and community building

  •  RISE empowers youth who have been victims of sex trafficking and/or commercial

sexual exploitation to become survivors who will be independent, responsible adults by learning life skills, encouraging recognition of the value of education and providing opportunities to follow through on commitments and by offering “give
back” activities so that they learn the importance of helping others

  •  RISE expands the perspective of the youth it serves making them aware of the possibilities available to them in a life outside of and untainted by their past experiences in the sex trade

  •  RISE surrounds youth victims of trafficking and/or commercial exploitation in a safe, caring, learning environment with people who pass no judgment and are invested in helping them create positive futures


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